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Backtest the musical

In September of 2007, the Learning Lab rolled out Backtester,a Flex-based backtesting tool for use in investment classes.  I learned a lot about Flex and ActionScript while working on Backtester and am particularly proud of application’s wizard component, which allows users to design an investment strategy in 3 easy steps and test it against historical data.

We made a short screencast* for last spring’s faculty meeting and have been using it to test video tagging toys such as Viddler and Veotag. This post is just a test of Viddler’s new customizable player.

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ColdFusion: keep it girlie

Attention, female ColdFusion developers. I found the following information in some recent internet travels:

Silly CF Banner

I, for one, refuse to “upgrade” to a less girlie version of ColdFusion.  In fact, my pores are clogging at the mere thought.  Does anyone have a recipe for scones?

Girlie CF Banner

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