Student Experience and EDUCAUSE 2010

Earlier this year, I took a new job within Wharton Computing: “IT Director of Student Experience,” a position that acknowledges the need for a dedicated liaison between students and the various contingents of our large IT organization.

Students are challenging constituents because they’re transient and incredibly busy—there’s little opportunity to develop long-term relationships.  Aside from that challenge, the whole not-coding-for-a-living thing has been an adjustment.  Now when I do something wrong, there’s no error message to explain the problem.

But so far it’s been a fun ride.  Last week I had the opportunity to attend EDUCAUSE 2010 and, along with a colleague, tell the story of why we created the Student Experience role and what we hope to accomplish.  I’m especially proud that Spock, The Dude, Harry Truman, and Wile E Coyote make appearances the presentation.

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