Goodbye, NPP

NPP Lunch, by ED and photographer Doug Hall

The NPP Dream Team by ED and photographer Doug Hall

Last month I left my role as Director of Data and Technology at National Priorities Project.

For more than 30 years, this small non-profit has made the complex U.S. budget understandable to ordinary people. As someone who likes breaking down barriers to entry, that mission resonated.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to NPP and proud of the work I did there, from open-sourcing data on the cost of tax breaks to tracking budget dollars in the states to advocating for better federal spending information. And I’m grateful that NPP supported my involvement in Western Mass data community projects like Hack for Western Mass and the Five College DataFest.

I highly recommend working on a small, mission-driven team at least once in your career—it’s life-changing. When the success or failure of your projects have a direct, meaningful impact on your organization, it’s a whole different ballgame. When you not only have to deliver the work but sell it too, you learn some skills. When generous people from around the country send money to support what you do every day, it’s humbling. Oh, and being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is also very cool.

Everything I learned at NPP led to the next logical, exciting step. I haven’t said anything publicly because it won’t be official until the background check is done, but if everything goes as planned, I’ll continue working for a better U.S.

Thanks, NPP, for four great years and for the invaluable work you do. See you at the next anniversary party!

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