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Testing the PowerShot S90 in South Philly

My latest mantra for all things tech is easy. Which is why, although I covet the beautiful photos taken by friends with DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex), I refuse to use a complex, heavy camera.

It’s not that I’m too dumb to learn a DSLR (in fact, most have an auto mode for people like me). Rather, the disinterest is because a DSLR is not compatible with my lifestyle and goals, namely to take decent vacation pictures while not carrying something around my neck.

So I’m strictly point and shoot. The main limitation of that has always been low light. Luckily, my friend Scott owns many cameras and loaned me his Canon PowerShot S90, which he claims is the best option out there.

These are the results of my very unscientific “use the camera to shoot South Philly Christmas lights” test. The results are inconclusive.

Basically, this whole entry is just an excuse to post pictures of South Philly Christmas lights. Should you ever have a chance to visit Smedley Street during the holidays, don’t miss it!

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