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Kindle: a fling, or a long-term relationship?

Amazon's Kindle 3

Amazon's Kindle 3

For the last four months, I’ve been having a love affair with the Kindle 3.  It’s a sleek, sexy companion, and with the push of a button it can deliver a whole universe of books and magazines.

And it’s easy.  Easy to carry, easy on the eyes, and easy to use.

But the Kindle ecosystem reminds me of another product that makes it easy to access digital content—iTunes.  When iTunes came along those many years ago, it was so fun to download one-hit wonders from the 80s and to grab albums that the much-cooler-than-me girl across the hall listened to in college.

The geeks complaining about DRM were just chatter in the background of my new-found music.

But now I regret spending money on content that’s locked to a single family of devices and can’t be shared with the rest of the household.  I’ve long since migrated to Amazon and eMusic, but I still own a large set of captive songs from the iTunes days.

Which raises the question:  a few years from now, will I have the same regrets about Kindle purchases?

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