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Higher Ed Web Symposium: Don Norman and Cory Ondrejka

Cory Ondrejka's outstanding Angry Dinosaurs keynote

Last week, the third annual Higher Ed Web Symposium was held at Wharton.  Despite being a speaker at the inaugural symposium in 2008, this was the first year I’ve been able to enjoy the event as an attendee.

The keynote sessions were especially outstanding.

Don Norman, a user interface legend and personal hero of mine, spoke about Living With Complexity, also the title of his upcoming book.  Basically,  he argues that complexity is good for us as long as it’s accompanied by good design.  Mr. Norman is a personal hero because so many principles from1988’s The Design of Everyday Things still hold true.  Also, because his work is a comfort whenever I’m confused by an elevator or walk into a glass door.

Watch Don Norman’s talk here.

Cory Ondrejka, a Second Life co-founder, blew away the audience with his Angry Dinosaurs talk on Day Two.  In 75 minutes and 300+ slides, Cory talked about institutional incompetence and hacks for accelerating change by citing examples from the music industry, the newspaper business, and the 19th century US Navy.  A fast-paced, fascinating talk.  I’ve already watched it twice.

Watch Cory Ondrejka’s talk here.  It has implications for everyone in an organization, not just designers and technologists.

To all of my colleagues who organized the Higher Ed Web symposium and its virtual counterpart, congratulations and thank you!

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Hypnotic B-Tree Video

While preparing a database design presentation with my co-worker Tim, I discovered this hypnotic video demonstrating inserts into a b-tree data structure. For some reason, the music compels me to leave the cubicle and pay a visit to Rami’s falafel truck.

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The Schools We Need: Chris Lehman @ Ignite Philly

About a year ago, my husband came home from work, started gushing about a school he had visited that day, and continued to talk for hours about how inspired he was by its students and faculty.  That was my introduction to Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy, a Philadelphia public high school that opened in 2006.

Here are high school students inventing an efficient flow process for creating biodiesel fuel–how cool is that?  And it’s happening in a Philadelphia public school!

Fast forward to the second Ignite Philly, when Chris Lehmann, principal of SLA, gave his  presentation on the schools we need.   Take five minutes to see a compelling speaker and learn about something wonderful in our city.

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Stories in Learning: The Firm

Last week, Erin Murphy and I attended Brandon Hall’s Innovations in Learning conference, which also included the Excellence in Learning Awards. One of the award winners, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, had a great spin on corporate training.

PWC created a video series called “The Firm,” which follows several characters—the Sr. Associate who parties too much, the New Hire, the Partner, the Baby Boomer executive assistant, the Generation Y fashionista Associate—through their everyday lives as PWC employees and illustrates the finer points of employee coaching.

They released a new episode of The Firm every two weeks, got thousands of internal views, and made the episodes available on YouTube and pwc.tv to as part of their recruiting strategy.

I love this approach because it’s a story. The people are real employees with real quirks—they shave in the bathroom after partying all night and complain about the way their co-workers dress. The second season of the show was even accompanied by a fictitious blog*.

The cases used in business education already incorporate the element of story, so why not take those stories to the next level (someone out there already is, no doubt)? For starters, what about the Learning Lab’s Raise game, in which students allocate salary increases by reading employee profiles? It be so fun to give those characters a voice.

*Writing a fake blog as part of your job? Sign me up!

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Backtest the musical

In September of 2007, the Learning Lab rolled out Backtester,a Flex-based backtesting tool for use in investment classes.  I learned a lot about Flex and ActionScript while working on Backtester and am particularly proud of application’s wizard component, which allows users to design an investment strategy in 3 easy steps and test it against historical data.

We made a short screencast* for last spring’s faculty meeting and have been using it to test video tagging toys such as Viddler and Veotag. This post is just a test of Viddler’s new customizable player.

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